schoool tingz .
Saturday, September 12, 2009

alrighty, schools. all right, i guess. effing gym first period -.-", i get all gross and sweaty. but s'all goods. second period, relgion. Best class ever . Ms Vena. She's pretty chill . Than math, s'alrights. Lunch, than Geo. BOMB TEACHER, MR, Arsenault. He's pretty funnny. He throws tennis balls at you -.-", other than that. homework once again. i better get used to it. All school tingz for me before anything else .

Madison Square Garden.
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

woooh, kay probably gonna be my last post before school starts. niner :) So tomorrow at 4 in the morning, im going to new york city cause my dad has some family thingy going on down there. Overnight, than going to baltimore where fam is :), i swear, if i dont get white castle throughout this whole trip, im honestlh gonna be cheesed . White Castle is sex :) trust. Hopefully this trip is gonna be live, especially before school. So hyped for school. I wanna go with someone first day, no homotangz. alrights, im done.

Friday, August 28, 2009

holy shiznats, haven't written a post in a while. chayeanne kept boosting about her blog that it was better, but clearly, i just smoked her ;) my blog is pretty raaaw, can't lie. so, im not gonna be writing those long ass paragraphs talking about how my week went, takes to long, and gets pretty annoying. so yaaaaw, next week, hair cut with kean, jordan, and chayeanne, than baltimore for the weekend, than schoool -.-", whooped di doo. >.<

Monday, August 3, 2009

This weekend is the weekend i have been waiting for a long time, im physically and mentally prepared for it. It's Mabuhay cup hoooooomaay ! kay, before that, my weekend all started on friday. Nothing biggie, had practice, preparing for mabuhay cup. Boring day, watched the little rascals with the cuzzo's. dunkno :) moving on to saturday, woke up fucking early, because i had to go with my dad get his haircut, than went to square t buy my new ball shoes ! woooooh ! finally, after a million years. got Nike Hyperize, pretty raaw. can't lie. than chelled with the cousins all day at home cause our dukes went to a wedding. LOL funny times. Than sunday, had to wake up early again, because i had practice again. A Facking 4 hour practice -.-", killer. than went home, chelled with the fam, made burgers, haha they made margarita's. facking taste's like piss. than played cards, LOL. than today, we went to Jack darling with fam, once again ! i swear, we've been getting really close lately, tita's and titos, kuya's and ate's. Went swimming, effing freezing though, my freggin testicles were frozen. than little cousins burried me in the sand and i couldnt get out, and they left me there. :(. haha. So yaaaaaaw, that's how my weekend went down. pretty alrights, im dark as fack though. =/ kay, next stop, haircut, than mcup ! wooh, im ready.

Basketball is more than just 5 players running around the court trying to get the ball in a hoop, it's a way to live, it's a thing you get addicted too, it's something you can never let go, it's a thing that you can achieve your goals and accomplish them. Once you step on that court, there's no turning back. You have many friends on the outside, but no friends in basketball. The most domminant player is the player with the ball. Remember that.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I-kept the flowers, the candy, the letter that you wrote to me

And I-laughed a long time
as it all went up in smokes
it was funny

See I don't care
No I don't care
Cause you don't care
So I don't care anymoreee

It was eaaaaaaa-sy
easy to love me
but you didn't wanna try
So it was eeasssss-sy
easy to leave
you good bye x3

I-got all your messages on my phone
and the texts as well
I-will be changing my number tomorrow
and my email

[bridge] Because I don't care (don't matter what you try to say)
No I don't care (don't you realise it's too late)
Cause you didn't care so why should I care now
see you around

[chorus] It was eeeasssss-sy
easy to love me
But you didn't wanna try
So it was eeassss-sy
easy to leave you good-bye x3

Said i remember
how much i cried (mmm..)
inside a part of me died
Oh.. what would you (?)
it was the part of me that gave a damn about your lie

shoulda been easy ...ooh..
easy to love me

Kay f'real, Ne-yo is pretty raw, can't lie. His lyrics that he writes is pretty meaningful and true. dunkno. This is song actually kinda relates to me throughout my life. It was good, it was bad, but nothing perfect. I thought it was perfect, but i guess that back fired on me. true? Life is all about taking risk's. Your never going to know what's going to happen or how your relationship goes. It can be a realtionship worth lasting forever. or a relationship that wont even last a week . It all depends on that special person that you think you can last a relationship with . Once your with them, treat them the way you want to be treated. Trust is all you need. I learned the hard way. Probably something i did, but hey, i learn from my mistakes, and move on with life.

it's like music to my ears.
Monday, July 20, 2009

FUCK ! kay, im so tired . i've been playing ball at marcies everyday for like 4 hours, than run track . Now, i have cramps on like both my legs . And fml, im going to wonderland, so much walking >.< SO ! ignoring my pain, this is how my week goes down . tomorrow land with rayon, chayeanne, bernadine, christian, and jevon. Wednesday, DOWNTOWN with nikko, kris, mike, and jeffrey . Thursday going swimming at some hotel with cousins and pekpek face and her boyfriend. and Friday got practice for mabuhay cup than sleepover at brandons than camping next day ! wooooooooooh ! summer has finally kicked in.

don't question the authority
Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"The act or an instance of committing"

Commitment is a huge part of your life. A comitted person is someone you can trust. Somone who will be right by your side all the time. Someone who has strong beliefs for you. Someone who notices you because your you, not someone else. Someone that can go as far as you go no matter how long the distance is. Once that commitment is broken, than you have no choice but to accept the fact that it's gone. It's over. The only thing you can do is be happy. Look back at the good times. Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened. You just got to move on, be patient with life. Choose someone you know who has that strong commitment and is willing to be committed just as much as you are. Trust, once you find that special someone, you're going to realize that commitment is more than what you think it is.

He's pretty raw

Jeffrey Vincent Tanseco is who i am.
est. 1995. January 11 to be exact.
Basketball is LOVE ! ♥
Guitaring is my finger excersises
Alone on that love thing.
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My Need's

- Ball shoes ? - NIKE HYPERIZE !
- New jacket.
- Fresh Prince of bel-air season 2, 3, 4.
- Saved by the bell season 1, 2
- New Adidas slippers, dunkno ! :)
- Extra 360 controller .
- Black Vans authentics.
- Earphones?
- Uniform.
- New jeans w/gabs :), LOL.
- Martin and co. Black finish.
- Ukulele :)